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2022 and Beyond: Three Keys to Writing Inspiring Business Memoirs

By Nichola Ward

As every business needs a vision, every entrepreneur needs a mentor. To this end, it’s becoming even more necessary to write and record experiences that prove relevant to the multifaceted issues facing the entrepreneur in 2021 and beyond. As competition rapidly increases around us thanks to technological advancements, there’s a continuous need to be informed of the necessary qualities that determine the evergreen levels of success for the modern business. Furthermore, there lies the need to be reminded of tried and tested formulas and principles that withstand the dynamic environs of today’s competitive landscape. Given this, these keys will help aspiring writers of business memoirs and biographies to truly inspire today’s readers:

Establish Credibility

First of all, it’s important to establish credibility with your reading audience. You need to establish what makes you unique and credible for the field you’re seeking to advise. There are many business biographies out there that have been purchased to guide budding entrepreneurs and professionals in their specific fields of business.

For your intended audience to invest in your work, you need to have a collection of unique and inspiring experiences with a proven track record of success that impacts your target audience. Therefore, you need to answer the questions: what makes you unique and why? Why should someone grab a copy of your business memoir, and what value could they get from it?

Maintain Relevance

What makes your experiences memorable enough to your readers? There’s a higher purpose to consider when deciding to write a business memoir in that what you give will have its rewards. Throughout the operation of a business, there are always lessons to be learnt along the way. According to the famous quote by William Glasser, American Psychiatrist, that states we learn...10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we both hear and see, 70% of what is discussed, 80% of what we experience personally, 95% of what we teach to someone else we can grasp the idea that composing memoirs which culminate personal experiences and business lessons not only builds 95% of your learning but also contributes meaningfully to peers and upcoming professionals. There should be content that these audiences will find enlightening enough to revisit time and time again.

Create Reliable Content

Are your experiences, lessons and successes reliable over time? The answer is always a definite yes. This is because experience is valuable and the lessons learnt over time carry timeless value for others to follow. We usually align successful experiences with being successful, but it is also the recount of failed experiences that hold valuable lessons to be learned and create outstanding examples for others to be aware of. Content becomes reliable when experiences that have been tried, tested, proven or even defeated over time are recorded. We all stand to learn from each other’s experiences making your lesson another person’s lesson as you share it.

Is it Time and How to Start?

How do you know when it’s time to write a business memoir? Only you know when it’s time. One sure clue comes when you realize that you’ve come to a place in life where you know you have great value that’s been tried and tested to share with others. If so, then maybe it’s time to put pen to paper and brainstorm for ideas when you ask yourself the following core questions:

  • What were your milestones, successes, failures and main experiences that proved to be significant lessons for you?

  • What are your key philosophies or mottos you stand by in good or challenging times and why?

  • Who are the people that supported and inspired you throughout the journey and how?

Not only will a memoir add to your legacy, but it will also be the gift that keeps on giving. Writing a business memoir is a healthy challenge with major benefits that include mentorship, inspiration and a mental preparation that paves the way for your next.

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